Sunday, May 6, 2012


Ready to go!

Riding the train to get a feel for how big the Magic Kingdom was.

The first thing the girls and I did was wait in line to see Tinkerbell. Had I known it would be a 45 minute wait I might've done something else. I was proud of Emma for doing it. She's not a fan of "characters."

A nicer face this time

They thought it was hilarious that Pluto signed their books on his nose.

We managed to get reservations for a princess dinner. Maryn and Emma wore their dresses all day that day.

Emma and Belle

Maryn and Belle

I'll post more pictures soon. The girls loved the princess dinner and it was great to see so many at one stop. Parker tolerated it :) The dinner was in Epcot and there was a cool show going on outside after the dinner complete with fireworks so he was happy about that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turning 5

Maryn turned 5... in October. So I'm a little late. :) She had a dress-up tea party. We turned the Sunroom into a dressing room with all of her dress-up clothes out for the girls to try on. A couple of older girls who are friends of ours were on hand to paint their nails. We also made bead necklaces and princess hats. They had a lot of fun.

nail station

princess hats

dressing room

Happy very late birthday Maryn!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Birthday and The Girls' First Day of School

I had a big surprise for my birthday. 3 of my favorite boys came to visit!! Dad and I went to the airport to pick up Debbie and I saw her walking towards the baggage claim with a boy who looked to be about 4. That looks kind of like Ford, I thought. They get closer. Behind them is a man walking with another boy, about 3. My jaw drops, crying, hugging. You can picture the scene.

This rascal is such a joy! Emma says she will marry him one day :) Her Lukie!!

And these two have the most fun together. This trip was Lego heaven for them!

The only thing that would've made it better would have been if this sweet boy and his mom could have been there!

The girls on their first day at Salisbury Pres Preschool. While we were very sad not to be at Sonshine this year, the girls have loved their new school. I have been especially happy to see how excited Emma has been to go to school. If you recall any from last year- bike day where she cried the entire time or any other party when she spent the whole time in my lap- she was less than overjoyed about school. This year she has grown up so much! She loves school- gets out of the car with barely a "Bye, mom!" which means she is going to a place where she feels safe and loved.

Sweet sisters!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Parker's First Day of School

My baby was going to kindergarten. He was really excited. I was not. The night before I was so sad putting him to bed. I had an extra year with him since we had chosen to send him to TK instead of kindergarten but it wasn't enough. I'm sure the move had something to do with my feelings. Public school had not been my plan. Moving to Richmond had not been my plan. But it was God's plan and Parker has done really well. He loves school, loves riding the bus, has made friends, and loves his teacher.

Parker requested pumpkin muffins for his first day of school breakfast. I had no idea finding pumpkin in September would be so difficult. After trips to several grocery stores I finally found some at Whole Foods.

Parker, I'm so proud of you!!

Monday, May 30, 2011


As usual its been a while... here are a few pictures of what we've been up to.

This is how Emma spent a lot of her time in her two year old class. Her teachers were always so excited when she had a good day. Hopefully this won't happen next year!

Easter Parade

School Easter Egg Hunt

For spring break we took a trip to Auburn and Dothan. The kids and I had a blast!

Maybe Parker has a future in long jumping??

Emma and Baby Duncan, not so much a baby anymore!

For Parker's birthday we took Cam and Carter, Parker's two best friends, to play putt putt. They had a great time. I think their favorite part was that the last hole was a toilet that you hit your ball into and it flushes. Boys!

Our soccer player

Diet Coke and Mentos experiment at Parker's birthday

TK Graduation

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

War Eagle!

So I've had a little pressure from the family (Dad!) to update my blog. :)
If anyone still reads, thanks for hanging in there!

We were able to go to Arizona for the National Championship game. It was awesome!! An amazing experience.

Mark's friend Brian's license plate happened to be this year's slogan.

Our friends the Uttley's who went to the game with us.

Brian and Mark

And while we were in Arizona the kids were with Grandma and Grandpops-

making cookies

doing puzzles and making silly faces

and more silliness

painting fingernails

and toenails

making bouncy balls

cheering for Auburn

and playing Twister.

Thank you for keeping the kids for us so we could go to the game!!! We love you!